model making


model making



Create forms that are interesting from multiple perspectives and do not have a distinct front or back.

Time frame: 1 week


Iterate on original paper egg carton concepts: air eggs

Time frame: 2 weeks


Artistically express your preconceived notions about aging.
Models made in preparation for a design research project.

Time frame: 1 day


Realize the tone, character, and multiple meanings of a word in a series of three dimensional forms. Word: TUCK.

 Time frame: 1 week


Create forms that represent aspects of a written description of an aquatic creature.                

 Time frame: 2 days


Models created in intro to wood and metal working class. Hand tools and basic machinery were explored. Hand carved joinery was rigorously mastered as a means of developing an understanding of the the character of wood.

metals - 1.jpg

Create desktop items using the metal lathe.


Embody emotions such as frustration, impatience, and sorrow in figurative and abstract forms.

Time Frame: 1 week